fredag 22 mars 2013

Fina paket.

En sak jag verkligen tycker om att göra är fina paket. Detta är mitt favoritpapper just nu, är det inte rart? Det gröna tillsammans med rosa snöre blir så ljuvligt tycker jag. Just det här paketet skickade jag på posten i höstas till en liten fröken, det innehöll en babyfilt jag sytt. Fint paket till en fin liten person. I morgon är det Kalles födelsedag, så då blir det ännu fler paket. Roligt! Trevlig helg!

(Nice wrappings.
Something I really enjoy is making nice wrappings for gifts. This is my favourite wrapping for the moment, isn't it sweet? I think the green together with the rose string is so very lovely. This gift I sent with mail this autumn for a little girl, inside there is a baby blanket I made. Fine wrapping for a fine little person. Tomorrow it's Charlies birthday, then it will be more wrappings. Fun! Have a lovely weekend!)

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  1. Hello!! I´m agree about the colours combination. It´s curious that your boyfriend´s name is "Donald" in english, italian and spanish. But however, i wish you a good time together tomorrow at his birthday, please take a lot of pics ^_° Hugs.

  2. wiiiie, paket!!!!! va fint!

  3. yes! Wrapping is so nice! I also love to do it!

  4. Yes, it's very strange that "Kalle" translates to Donald.. but I think it has something to do with the Swedish name of Donald Duck beeing Kalle Anka :) Hugs!

  5. Oooh!! Ah! That´s funny hahahaha :D But, i´m agree with you Charly is better than Donald, suits him.


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