tisdag 12 juli 2011


Den här har jag ägnat senaste tiden åt. Visst blev den fin? jag gillar verkligen löst stickade saker med mohairgarn, det går fort och blir underbart mjukt och ulligt. "Receptet" på den här sjalen är väldigt enkelt, man lägger upp tre maskor och ökar sen en maska för varje varv tills nystanet tar slut. Ökningen kan man göra på flera sätt, men jag kunde inget av dem, så jag bara lindade garnet runt stickan i början av varje varv och låtsades att det var en maska. Det blev väldigt fint, kanten blev liksom lite böljande. Jag använde storlek tio på stickorna, men åtta eller nio kan nog funka fint det med. Jag tror jag ska göra flera såna här av lite olika garner, fint att bygga upp en sjalgarderob!

(This I what I've been doing lately. Didn't it turn out nice? I really like loosely knit things with mohair yarn, it goes really fast and the knit turns out wonderfully soft and woolly. The "recipe" of this shawl is very simple, you start with three stitches and then increase one stitch each row until you're out of yarn. The increase can be done in several ways, but I wasn't aware of any of them, so I just wrapped the yarn around the needle at the start of each lap and pretended that it was a stitch. It turned out quite nice, the edge became a bit wavy. I used size ten in the sticks, but eight or nine can probably work just fine too. I think I should make more of theese in some different yarns, it would be nice to build up a shawl wardrobe!)

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  1. Oh, it is lovely! Very good job!

  2. Lovely :)

    If you want the edges to be straight, just increase by knitting into the row below like this:


    If you're really fussy you can also slip the first stitch for a neater edge.

    AND if you knit using the English method, I can show you sometime!


  3. Claudia: Thank you! :) I also think it turned out very nice.

    Emmie: Tack!! :)

    Kik: Tack!! :)

    Jessica: Wow, thanks! I actually liked my wavy edges on this one, but with another (less light) yarn it might look better with something a little straighter. Thanks for the video, that looks like a really easy way to increase! English method, I didn't know there was something like that! (and as anglofilic as I am, I think I might have to try it.) I saw a picture, it's basically the same but holding the yarn in the right hand instead of the left one? or is it different in more ways? I'd love you to show me sometime! x


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